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latte coffee refesho

latte coffee refesho

Kopi Tubruk

Kopi Tubruk
Kopi Tubruk

Kopi Susu

Kopi Susu
Kopi Susu

Kehangatan dalam persahabatan..

Alpine Coffee

Kopi Rasa Buah


fruit coffee of refresho coffee shop 2
fruit coffee of refresho coffee shop


Con Miel Coffee

Tubruk Coffee

Gayo Coffee

Gayo coffee is the type of coffee that can only be met in the Central Highlands. Coffee that has a distinctive taste comes into the plant in 1908 and thrives in the central highlands and Aceh Tengah.

Coffee is called Gayo coffee because the coffee was originally planted by the indigenous highlands of Aceh Gayo tribe called it. Mostly, Gayo tribe living as farmers. So do not be surprised if the production of Gayo coffee from Aceh region became the largest producer in Asia

This was typical when coffee served in ceramic cups of the original and natural in a place like the Coffee Shop RefreshoEspresso CoffeeJava CoffeeCoffee is traditionally served this truly unique and distinctive. Coffee is usually in the present era of the past by using sugar as a sweetener Java. Acquired taste very different from other coffeesLampung CoffeeCoffee from Lampung is colored black dengaan strong bitter flavor. Coffee is also known by the name of coffee Semendo, overseas people call it a Sumatra coffee



This coffee is coffee that is one of the most soft-textured, with flavors of the most powerful and complex as presented, among various types of coffee in dunia.Aromanya fragrant and stunning

Green Coffee

Kopi Hijau
Green Coffee : Kopi Hijau
Kopi Hijau


Green coffee is typical of Refresho Coffee Shop. Named after the green coffee because coffee is naturally dark green. In added a distinctive flavor, this coffee has always been a favorite in Coffee Shop Refresho.  For further information about this coffee, please visit: Waralaba Kedai Kopi

Ice Coco Orange Coffee

This coffee is a blend of continental coffee plus orange juice. It seemed to be refreshing with a distinctive orange flavor there.

Gingseng Coffee

Latte coffee

Cappucino Coffee

Mochacino Coffee

Continental Coffee

We have coffee with chocolate taste in it. With the right consistency, make the body feel warm when you drink it. Especially when you add the cinnamon addition could you ask for the waiters Refresho Coffee Shop.

Ice Coffee Bread

With the addition of delicious bread, Bread Ice Coffee became feels very refreshing

Iced Milk Coffee

Iced Coffee Milk is very exact on the serve with other dishes. With a garnish of fresh brown froth, coffee recipe is a favorite coffee at Coffee Shop Refresho. Very appropriate for refreshment with your friends

Iced coffee

As Ice Milk Coffee, Ice Coffee is also very appropriate to accompany your day while resting in Refresho Coffee Shop. If you want to continue to enjoy coffee, but at present in the form of cold, Ice Coffee is a very appropriate choice for yours.

Swisso Coffee


This coffee comes from Italy. Extraction process that makes the coffee feels different and distinctive from the others.

Ginger Coffee

If you want to drink coffee combined with ginger to warm the body, please enjoy ginger coffee. This coffee is very warm because there ginger in it

Ginger Milk Coffee

Ginger Ginger Milk Coffee Coffee is that the added milk in it. With the addition of a compelling sense of milk, ginger milk into a unique and warm coffee

Honey CoffeeVienne Coffee


Milk Iced on Refresho Coffee Shop

Kopi Godhog

Godhog coffee is coffee that the presentation is done by first boiling coffee on the stove before being served. This coffee is called coffee in boiling can be done with ordinary stove or LPG

Kopi Godhog



Coffee that feels so  solid, long known by the people of Indonesia. Usually the presentation godhog coffee is done to simplify the presentation because of the need coffee in large amounts in a short time. For example, in a celebration and so forth.

Type of coffee used can type anything. Thick black coffee was served without pulp and famous can make people awake all night. Perfect for friends to watch football and see the puppet:)


Hot Traditional Tea

Hot Jamaican Red Tea

Hot Milk Tea

Hot Vanila Tea

Hot Lemon Tea

Hot Green Tea

Iced Traditional Tea

Iced Jamaican Red Tea

Iced Milk Tea

Iced Vanila Tea

Iced Lemon Tea

Iced Green Tea


Orange Juiced

Pineapple Juiced

Melon Juiced

Avocado Juiced

Watermelon Juiced

Jus Semangka

The spirit of freshness to the days which are always crowded ..! With watermelon fruit choices that make your body refreshed .. 🙂

Apple Juiced

Mango Juiced

Guava Juiced

Tomatoes Juiced


Tape Bakar

Rasa Coklat

Rasa Keju

Rasa Nanas

Rasa Strawberry

Rasa Kacang

Rasa Coklat Kacang

Instan Mie

Roti Bakar

Rasa Coklat

Rasa Keju

Rasa Nanas

Rasa Strawberry

Rasa Kacang

Rasa Coklat Kacang

Diverse menu of food that you can enjoy in Refresho Coffee Shop is one of Fried Chicken. So, do not bother if you want to eat but also want coffee. Just come in Refresho Coffee Shop:)

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