Sometimes the simplicity, everything becomes more beautiful and comfortable. Here, you can get all the very simple concept. From the menus, the living arrangement until the presentation of the menu in the ordered.

Traditional impression appears to have a comfortable additional nuances. Music is in use, nor just a few traditional musical instruments.

With free hot spots, you can access the internet freely. Can be accessed on the first floor and floors above the occasional cool breezy wind through the room.

Tradition ‘get togethers’, with a ‘coffee’ into a culture in the world. History proves, a lot of inspiration came from the gathering of scholars in a coffee shop.

Beneficial Refreshing We really want to help the community to create situation remains fresh and expectations increase the real economic sector by providing knowledge and skills for the community. While the issue of environmental concern that the more we realize we must strive with all my heart and all actions, with the products we try, we expect to grow up theme of environmental awareness and preservation can help achieve these goals.

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Kedai Kopi Refresho

Refresho Coffee Shop

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